Teach Positive Self-Talk with Frida

Teach Positive Self-Talk with Frida

If you've heard your child talking to themselves. Asking if it's normal. We are here to let you know that it is! ⁠

Some psychologists even describe it as a sign of cognitive development that stimulates psychological well-being. It is how your children engage with themselves or with their toys. Have you ever seen them tell their toys, "you are good" or "you can do it?"⁠

So, what can you do to teach your child positive self-talk?⁠

👉 Explain how positive self-talk helps⁠
Remember the story of Frida? Engage your child by asking how Frida’s self-talk helped her conquer her fear. You can also talk about the unique experiences of your little one when faced with overwhelming or anxiety-provoking situations such as going to the doctor, meeting a new friend, or taking a test.⁠

👉 Recognize and reframe negative self-talk⁠
Keep an eye out for "I never," "I can't," and "I'm always (bad, failing, etc.)."Then think of alternatives such as "I can try again" or "I can get better."⁠

👉 Teach and use positive statements⁠
Have a list of phrases that your little ones can repeat to themselves when they are anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed.⁠

👉 Model self-talk⁠
Your little one will be encouraged to do the same if they see you practicing it. ⁠

Using positive self-talk enables your child to accept that while they cannot control everything that happens to them, they can change how they view it, which changes what happens next. Ultimately, this teaches them to be kind to themselves as well.⁠

Are there any positive self-talk phrases you hear your littles use? We'd love to know about them!⁠

PS. Frida is looking forward to learning more about positive self-talk. She'd love for you to be her learning buddy. You can meet her by clicking here.


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