This mindset shift creates more connection

This mindset shift creates more connection


Like every other day, we wake up wishing that there wouldn't be any meltdowns. However, in a few minutes, we stare at our toddlers as they lose their cool. Sometimes it can be hard to grasp how a peaceful morning could turn into a loud one.⁠

Believing that your toddler is trying to give you a hard time can lead you to take their behavior personally. Then, it is more likely that you will become triggered and resort to yelling, or punishment to deal with the challenging behavior. ⁠

The moment we recognize that "this is not about me" or that "my little one is having a hard time," allows us to respond to their behavior with kindness and empathy. ⁠

This mindset shift creates an opportunity for connection that healthily supports their emotional development!⁠

How do you react when your child is having a hard time? Share them below.


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