It all starts with conversation, but it doesn’t stop there: we’re here to take ACTION and always support you in doing the same. You’re a rebel with a cause and we know exactly how important it is for you to show up for what you believe in, and by shopping with us you’re investing in so much more than just stylish new additions to your nursery.

Our Give Back program means that 3% of each purchase you make will be donated to one of six organizations of your choice, and we’ve carefully selected charities close to home to ensure that your money goes directly towards making the biggest impact on the lives of the parents, children and families who need it the most.

See our Give Back Partners below.

Owl & Oak

Give Back Partners

Owl & Oak

Safe child

Raleigh, nc

We believe that it starts with the parents, and SAFE child understands that all families are diverse and with access to the right sources of information and support, negative patterns can be broken. It’s their mission to put an end to child abuse before it begins, offering resources which ensure that parents have access to the long-term education and specialized treatment that they need to heal and create safer, more nurturing environments for their children.
Owl & Oak

BRADY United


Gun violence is an epidemic impacting families across the world, and BRADY is fighting to challenge that: they’re committed to making the number of children who die unintentionally after finding an improperly stored gun at home every day fall from eight to zero with lawful action towards life-saving gun control.
Owl & Oak

Elizabeth House

Atlanta, GA

Through offering lifelong support for expectant homeless women, Elizabeth House provides immediate shelter during pregnancy and an environment which empowers mothers to break their cycles of homelessness and meet their true potential beyond birth. Your money will go towards counselling, healthcare, educating and supplies which will help enable mothers to create a safer and more sustainable life for their children.
Owl & Oak

Women’s Prison Association

New York, NY

The Women’s Prison Association is using their voices to drive change which positively impacts families, communities and society. They provide support for incarcerated women in finding safety and reunifying their families upon their release, and it’s their mission to stand up for those in the face of injustice with empowering resources to put them on the pathway towards finding freedom, safety and independence.
Owl & Oak


Baltimore, MD

We’re all about overcoming the stigmatization of Mental health, and The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network is an organization committed to transforming that narrative, offering the full support for queer and trans people of color that they deserve. They believe in a diverse future where everybody has access to resources which allow them to recover from trauma, violence and oppression and it’s their mission to increase access to healing justice resources for marginalized QTPoC families in need of more care systems within their communities.
Owl & Oak

Operation Dream

Milwaukee, WI

Valuing discipline, respect, education and appreciation, DREAM is a network of inspiring role-models who are providing mentorship and opportunities for over 250 boys of color in lower-income communities. By supporting those in need with enrichment activities and academic collaborations to fuel positive development, they’re hoping to break negative cycles and inspire a generation of vulnerable children with big dreams for their futures and build more positive communities.

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