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Your child may be small, but they have feelings as big and bold as the future ahead of them: it’s important for them to understand their relationships with ALL their emotions, good and bad.

While abacuses teach math and puzzles teach problem-solving, we noticed there are few toys that encourage play AND educate children (and adults!) on the importance of mental health.

Developed with early childhood development specialists, the Moodies help children vocalize their emotions and bridge the communication gap between their problems and parents.

Owl & Oak

The Moodies are real-life friends: go-to support buddies that children can turn to when their emotions start to feel bigger than they are.

The soft-stuffed dolls are cute, fun, and cuddly enough to be played with alone - No virtual reality, sharp corners or need for a bandaid in sight - or read together to engage with each character’s unique story.

Whether that’s in bed or in kindergarten, The Moodies encourage independence and will be there when they’re in need of support at times when you aren’t around.

The experience with the Moodies is different for every child - there’s no one-size advice that fits every child, so we created stories that ask questions that educate your child without dulling their unique shine.

Designed in collaboration with early development specialists, The Moodies are educational toys which enable your child to navigate the complexities of their growing emotions without the need for words. The Moodies encourage open discussion between children and their families to build a bond of communication, teach empathy and emphasize that all feelings deserve a space to be shared.

Elliot's story is about a little forest creature who isn't like the others. He's a softie at heart who enjoys being creative in the comfort of his own company. He often feels disconnected and misunderstood when he's playing with others, which leaves him frustrated when he doesn't fit in. With acceptance, he's learning to accept that his unique differences are what makes him special and he shouldn't feel pressured to fit inside a box.

Elliot comes with an "It's cool to be kind" backpack & an audiobook!

Frida's story is about a little penguin who is getting bigger and with each day she grows, she's looking toward others to help inspire her confidence! Although she's naturally timid Frida's curiosity and intelligence have the potential to change the world. So she's learning to be brave and step outside of her comfort zone to overcome her fears and dare even bigger.

Frida comes with an "It's cool to be kind" backpack & an audiobook!

    Amy's story is about a little octopus who loves to be the center of attention. She is always running around with a contagious love for life. When she's smiling it's impossible not to laugh along with her, and it's clear she's destined to be the star of the show! Her BIG emotions are sometimes hard to control, so she's learning to become more mindful of when the right time and place is to express her excitement.

    Amy comes with an "It's cool to be kind" backpack & an audiobook!


      Penny's story is about a little potato who isn't a fan of the monotony of everyday life. She loves exploring and going on adventures where she can experience a world beyond her walls! Although she struggles to connect with those around her with different interests, she's learning that everybody is different and there are friends out there who share her passions beyond her patch.

      Penny comes with an "It's cool to be kind" backpack & an audiobook!

        Tom's story is about a little bird with big dreams who sometimes feels lost in the big city around him. He may look like an introvert, but underneath his baby feathers is a big personality waiting to take to the skies! He relies heavily on others so it's easy for him to fall into a sad slump when the bigger birds aren't around, but he's learning to become more independent and understand that his time will come.

        Tom comes with an "It's cool to be kind" backpack & an audiobook!

          ≈ 10”

          Buttery soft 100% premium cotton

          Hypoallergenic Poly Stuffing

          Machine Washable

          Created with Early Childhood Development Experts

          Age: 1-5 Years

          Take me with you!

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          Each Moodie comes with a backpack so your child knows that their feelings are welcome wherever they go, and they'll always have a friend for support when they need a cuddle.

          Read about the Moodies

          When you're feeling all the feels

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          Owl & Oak
          Owl & Oak

          So often, children are punished for being human. They are not allowed to have grumpy moods, bad days, disrespectful tones, or bad attitudes. Yet, we adults have them all the time. None of us are perfect. We must stop holding our children to a higher standard of perfection than we can attain ourselves.


          The Moodies give me and my son the ability to communicate our emotions to each other in a way we wouldn't have been able to without them. They have brought us closer as a result, and also reduced meltdown moments as he's more in tune with his feelings.
          My kids have been enjoying the Moodies. They really enjoy the time we spent together reading the story inside!
          The Moodies offer my children the chance to channel their emotions in a healthy and controlled way making it easier to figure out what their needs are and how I can help to be a better listener. After having a child go through speech therapy, my family truly values products that encourage positive communication. We would recommend them to everyone.
          Great companion for my anxious babies! Growing up amidst the pandemic, my kids have not had as much social interaction and this makes them very anxious around new faces. These moodies helped them process these new emotions. These are great snuggle buddies too. I highly recommend these moodies for your little ones!
          She loved it! This was a Christmas gift (given a little early) for a friend’s grand baby who loves Octopus. The baby was thrilled with the “lovie” - and the mom loved that she could read her a story while the baby cuddles the “book”. A great gift!
          Best plushy friends! Moodie plush friends are so adorable! My son loves them and love how it helps with his social emotional development!
          Adorable! Mindfulness is amazing for children. We need it as adults as well. Learning emotions is very important as well. Feelings are just feelings. Thoughts are just thoughts. We don’t have to act on them.
          Love Love Love. These moodies have been amazing. My kiddos have been connecting to their moodies to talk about how they are feeling and how to work with their feelings to problem solve. Such a great idea.
          New take along pal. These are so great. It a friend and an activity all in one.
          Love!!! The moodies are so great for initiating those sometimes hard conversations!!
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