Introducing: The Moodies

Introducing: The Moodies

At Owl & Oak we fully understand how hard it can be to handle our emotions as parents. Let alone when we’ve only been earth side for months or a few years and our brains aren’t fully developed yet. Children’s emotions and the way they process them is complex. The intensity of fear, embarrassment, empathy, envy, guilt, at times result in physical outcries like yelling or hitting. Especially when words fail them. This behavior can then be misinterpreted by parents, who, understandably, find it hard to keep their cool. Getting a grip on parent and child emotions can truly be an exhausting cycle. Trust us. We’ve been there. 

So cue the Moodies. Owl & Oak’s first product launch and founder, Anna’s current most prized possession. 

“Each Moodie represents and tells a story about a specific emotion. Our aim is that your child can use the Moodies not only as a cuddly companion, but as a way to express their emotions to you when they don’t have the words to do so. If they feel a certain way, they can grab their Moodie and bring it to you as a communication tool, a way to express themselves and get the support they need from you.” Anna, Founder, Owl & Oak. 

Our Moodies come from a desire to normalize all the different types of emotions. We want to emphasize to children and their families that their feelings can be big, they can be messy and they are always important, no matter how hard they feel. No one is perfect and no one is expected to be, and these stories and characters are our way of trying to give families a tool, a guide, and a support system to work with your child in order to help them feel grounded, unashamed and supported in their emotions. 

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