5 kids movies that celebrate diversity

5 kids movies that celebrate diversity

Raise your hand if you enjoy family movie night! We all have favorite films we go back to again and again. It is possible to bond in front of the screen and teach our little ones some essential lessons about diversity.⁠

Below we listed the best family movies about diversity to help you do just that at your next movie night. ⁠

Raising our kids to celebrate diversity will allow them to treat all people with respect, compassion, and even challenge stereotypes.⁠

Drop a movie title in the comments that celebrates differences to add them to our list.⁠

PS: Penny will be a great companion when you’re done watching a movie and want to supplement the diversity lesson with a story before bedtime! You can get to know her by clicking here. ⁠

A Colombian-based tale. According to USC film professor Laura Isabel Serna, Encanto will significantly move Disney's effort towards diversifying its stories and the Latino community.
It gained a lot of attention as the only Disney movie that doesn't include a love interest but instead focuses on the main character, Moana, and her journey. The fact that Disney used a character who wasn't white but women of color made people, especially children, who went to see the film see themselves as the characters in the movie. 
Coco is entered around Hispanic culture, mainly focusing on the Day of the Dead theme. A holiday that revolves around honoring family and friends that have passed. It focuses on a character of color and culture being showcased through the movie.
Finding Nemo has a charming protagonist with a physical disability — a stunted fin that affects his mobility. Therein lies the ultimate, crucial message of "Finding Nemo" — that being different is normal. 
Another animated movie that goes much deeper than the adventures of colorful monsters. Of particular note is the scene in which Mike and Sulley go to spy on Monsters Inc. and realize that "great scarers" come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and attributes.



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