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The Moodie Sets make the perfect Social-Emotional Learning Gift that encourages kindness and empathy! Foster your little one's emotional development by empowering them to express emotions with the help of The Empatees and the Cuddly Storybook Friends The Moodies.

Elliot's story is about a little forest creature tasked with keeping humans away from the woods. He becomes emotionally overwhelmed at the idea of scaring people and would much rather stay home and bake cupcakes!

Elliot supports your child with:

  • Kindness & Self-acceptance
  • Acknowledging their need
  • Sensory & situational overwhelm
  • Embrace & celebrate your differences
  • Finding ways to express yourself

Each set comes with a Moodie, an Empatee, our "It's cool to be kind" backpack, and an audiobook file.

The Empatees are printed by Finn + Emma on 100% Organic Cotton. The Moodies are made from 100% Cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic poly fill.

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